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Officially Open! Go apply for your characters.
May 2019
Moving AGAIN
     Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2012 2:08 am by Tsunade
This time due to people not growing up.
If you want the link, let me know in the next couple of days.
Your characters will transfer over.

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Change Log
     Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 6:34 pm by Tsunade
Just going to be a list of little things I do here and there to make the site a bit better.
Other staff, please post your changes here as well.

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PostSubject: Rules        Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 3:06 am

~Respect- Treat your fellow rpers with respect. Don't troll or hate on them for any reason. If there is a problem with them, staff will handle it.

~No Drama- This site was made for everyone to have fun. Starting trouble to ruin someone else's good time is not cool.

~Spam- It doesn't belong here, so take your viagra and peddle it else where. On a serious note, if you can't think of where to post something, just ask.

~We don't bite- Staff are here to help. If you have a problem with something just get in touch with us.

~Suggestions- We welcome these, but also reserve the right to turn them down.

~Plagerism- It's illegal, immoral, and makes us angry. Don't do it. If we catch you then it gets deleted. You do it again, we ban you. This doesn't mean you can't use a faceclaim or playby. This means no claiming anything that isn't your own work as being your own work.

~Activity- Please be active. We will have monthly activity checks.

~Additions and Changes- As we have more people join there will be more of these.

~Character profiles- aside from the first post, you are free to customize the heck out of these things. Add videos, music, pictures, a thread tracker, anything you want. Just keep it PG-13.

~Spoilers- Read threads at your own risk. Please discuss time lines with the other people in rp with you to prevent any sad faces due to spoiler bombshells.

~Godmodding/power playing- No one here is a god and therefore is not in total control of anyone else. You can't read their minds or know everything about them either. You are not immune to damage. Report incidents to a staff member.

~Gary/Mary Sues- Not everyone will like you. There will be some people who absolutely can't stand you. This should also go for NPCs.

~Limited Skills- Some things will be limited on the site. This includes devil fruits and character specific techniques. Not all canon skills will be character only, but we can't have a dozen people runnign around with omnislash. Also, you can only use the skills on your profile.

~Keep it kinda canon- I understand character development, but please develop your characters after you have joined with them. It makes no sense to have an evil Goku.

~Crossovers- We'd be silly not to allow them, but please keep it believable.

~Mature rps- We understand blood and gore and see a use for it. Please use 'fade to black' sceneros for your sex scenes. No rape, I'm not going to read that mess. Profanity is alright.

~Quality over quantity- Don't worry about word count. Worry about writing the most fun rps you can.If your writing is good, and you are having fun, then so is everyone else.

~One OC and one canon per anime- Yep, this is the best part. You literally have thousands of choices here. If you are active, you can ask us for more.

~Relationships- Please don't make any characters with pre-existing relationships to other characters unless it is a very loose one. 'Oh, I remmeber you from academy' and 'aren't you the guy who did that thing?' are alright.

~Dead Characters- No such thing unless you kill off your character. No killing off canons.

~Faceclaims/playbys- Please pick from an anime we don't know or use an actor/actress. The best thing you can do is to find an artist to draw your character.

~Canon Abilities- Try to come up with something original before jumping into canon. Also, try to fit the abilities to your rank.

~NPCs- Try to keep canon NPCs to a minimum so as not to change them or their story. Do not NPC someone else's character without permission.

~Accounts- please make an account for every new character you make. If this becomes a problem in some way in the future, we will consider revising this.

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